Make it Easy to order.

Automation at the service of your restaurant.

Make it Easy to Order.

Share menus and special offers through WhatsApp and all our channels. Convert visitors into loyal customers with AI-powered recommendations and orders on WhatsApp and other networks.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with AI chatbots. Simplify ordering and delivery with relevant campaigns and intuitive menus.

Drive repeat purchases. Keep customers engaged with in-stock alerts, cross-sell suggestions, and buyback notifications.

Facilitates orders and fast deliveries.

Attract new customers on the channels where they spend the most time.

Use conversational ads, Click-to-WhatsApp and personalized messages to introduce new menu items, exclusive offers and dining recommendations.

24/7 Support for Peace of Mind.

Provides 24/7 support in multiple languages.

Respond to inquiries about order delays, modifications, and more.

Use chatbots and voice bots to deflect common queries and direct criticism to faster agents.

Proactively collect feedback using natural language chatbot surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solutions

  • Can I connect more than 2 WhatsApp numbers in Digybot?

    Yes, within Digybot you can integrate the WhatsApp numbers that are necessary for your organization into your account. Each integrated channel has an additional cost.

    By adding more channels you can have control of assignment to your departments so that users can make use of each added channel.

  • No, as long as you follow WhatsApp policies, within our platform we use best practices and recommendations to offer you a secure connection.

  • You can link your Shopify account with Digybot to have information about your products, in addition to having the possibility of offering them, through the different channels integrated into your account.

  • Yes, to have a report of the messages sent you can contact the support team to deliver messages from a specific date.

  • The WhatsApp Web, Messenger and Instagram channels do not have an extra cost for messages, you can send as many as you need. In the case of an integration with WhatsApp Cloud, it is necessary to consult the support team to provide you with the costs proposed by META.

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