Integration with Shopify

Simplify the search and purchase of your products in your online store

At DigyBot, we understand the importance of having effective conversations with your customers to close sales.

DigyBot + Shopify

Integration of your Shopify store catalog

Ensure that your agents can access your product catalog directly during conversations with all your customers. You can directly send them a specific product or the entire catalog of your online store.


Don't let opportunities slip away

By integrating DigyBot into your Shopify store, you can ensure the following benefits:

Your customers will have access to your Shopify Store catalog.

You can share your product catalog.

You will be able to provide personalized attention.

Check your order history.

Activate the Shopify integration in DigyBot and transform the way you interact with your customers to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

The future of conversational commerce awaits you at DigyBot!

Frequently Asked Questions about Shopify on DigyBot

  • How does the integration with Shopify benefit my business?

    The Shopify integration in DigyBot allows your agents to access the product catalog directly during conversations, making it easier to sell your products faster and more effectively. In addition, you will be able to provide personalized attention and consult your customers' order history. This translates into faster sales and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Too easy. Once you have activated the Shopify integration in DigyBot, your agents will be able to share the product catalog with customers during the conversation. This streamlines the process of showing relevant products to interested customers.

  • Your customers will have access to your product catalog, including descriptions, images and prices. Additionally, you will be able to view customer order history to provide more personalized service.

  • No! Setup is quick and easy. Our support team will guide you through the setup process so you can start reaping the benefits of the integration in no time.

  • Sure, let's imagine that a customer is interested in a particular product. Thanks to the integration with Shopify, your agent can show images and product details in real time, answer questions, and close the sale without problems. This guarantees a fast and satisfactory purchasing experience for the customer.

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