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DigyBot is a new generation multi-channel and multi-agent platform for customer service with assistants powered by artificial intelligence.

It is designed to help you with your social media tasks, no matter the scale. With this you will be able to provide an efficient and automated customer service.

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You can make the payment online. Here is the link to complete the purchase https://tinyurl.com/digybot The backpack has additional compartments and its price is $350DLLS.Would you like to add it to your cart? Hello, we have a medium-sized black backpack perfect for you. Do you want to know more details? Yes please, I want to buy it. How do I make the payment? Yes, does it have additional compartments? What's the price? @DigyBot I would like a medium sized black backpack
Ready! Your appointment has been confirmed: https://tinyurl.com/digybot Thank you! I have found an appointment available next Tuesday, October 13th at 10 a.m. Do you want to confirm the appointment? Sure! Could you please provide me with your full name and health insurance number? Yes please confirm it