Labels / Tags

Keep your chats and contacts completely organized

Organize and categorize your chats and contacts according to specific topics, identify them efficiently and speed up the conversation filtering process.

“Distribute conversations between several agents in an efficient and orderly manner.”

Optimized management

Maintain detailed control of your customer service with this practical function

The Tags feature in DigyBot allows you to organize and categorize your conversations effectively. Assign custom tags to your chats to quickly identify their content and prioritize your tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Labels

  • How do Tags work in DigyBot?

    Tags in DigyBot are a quick and easy way to organize your conversations and contacts. Assign custom labels to your chats to identify them efficiently. Then use them to make reports or in monitoring panels.

  • Using Tags in DigyBot makes it easy to manage your conversations. It helps you quickly identify the content of each chat and prioritize tasks, streamlining the customer service process.

  • Not at all! Assigning tags in DigyBot is a simple process. You can do it quickly and in a personalized way, adapting to your specific needs.

  • Of course! With DigyBot, you have the flexibility to create your own custom labels based on your criteria. This makes the organization process even faster and more efficient.

  • Using Tags in DigyBot streamlines your customer service and optimizes the management of your chats. It allows you to easily identify which conversations require immediate attention, providing faster and more effective service.

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