Agent Console

Provides an exceptional customer service experience.

This through our unified omnichannel and multi-agent platform.

“Distribute conversations between several agents in an efficient and orderly manner.”

Intelligent distribution

Distribute conversations among multiple agents efficiently

Incoming messages are automatically assigned to the most appropriate available agent based on predefined rules. This allows for effective teamwork, speeds up response time, and ensures that each customer receives appropriate attention.

Collaboration between agents

An appropriate collaborative environment

In addition, agents can collaborate internally and transfer chats and information to provide exceptional service.

Agent Console FAQ

  • What is the DigyBot Agent Console?

    The DigyBot Agent Console is a fundamental part of our platform that allows customer service agents to manage and respond to conversations that come through various channels, such as WhatsApp or Instagram. This unified tool facilitates customer interaction and internal collaboration.

    Example of Use: Imagine that you have an e-commerce business and you receive customer inquiries through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The Agent Console allows you to view and respond to all these queries from one place, simplifying customer service management and ensuring a quick response.

  • Conversations in the Agent Console are automatically distributed among available agents based on predefined rules. This means that when a customer initiates a conversation, the platform automatically assigns that conversation to the agent best suited to handle it based on the agent's specialization or availability.

    Example of Use: Suppose you have a tourism company and you receive inquiries from clients interested in different destinations. The Agent Console can automatically assign an agent who is an expert in a specific destination to provide the most accurate and relevant information.

  • Internal collaboration in the Agent Console allows agents to work together effectively. They can share information about a case, transfer conversations between them, and collaborate in real time to deliver an exceptional client experience. This ensures that customers receive accurate answers and quick solutions.

    Example of Use: In a restaurant that uses DigyBot, a customer can make a reservation and then have questions about the menu. The reservation agent can transfer the conversation to the customer service agent, who can provide detailed information about available dishes and daily specials.

  • The Agent Console speeds up response time by automatically assigning conversations to available, trained agents. This eliminates the need for customers to wait for long periods and ensures that their queries are attended to in a timely manner.

    Example of Use: In an online store, a customer may have an urgent question about the checkout process. The Agent Console will assign the conversation to a support agent who specializes in payment issues, ensuring the customer receives a quick response and can complete their purchase.

  • The Agent Console improves the customer experience by ensuring they receive personalized attention and effective solutions. Customers get fast and accurate responses, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, by enabling internal collaboration, problems can be resolved more effectively and efficiently.

    Example of Use: In a banking agency that uses DigyBot, a client may have a question about a loan. The Agent Console ensures that the conversation is assigned to the most appropriate loan agent, allowing for a detailed discussion and a personalized offer for the customer.

  • Yes, as long as it is an input message.

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