Attention Queues

Organize, prioritize and direct your customer interactions to the corresponding areas.

Set up service or department queues to manage and prioritize customer requests efficiently.

“Assign a group of people to respond according to their availability or specialization.”

Request Manager

Handles requests in a more efficient way.

Assign a group of people to respond based on their availability or specialization. You can also have a bot tend to an area on its own before handing it over to a person.

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Queues

  • What are Service Queues or Departments?

    Attention Queues or Departments are a tool that allows you to organize, prioritize and quickly direct your customers' chats or interactions to the corresponding areas of your business. With DigyBot, it's easy to create and manage these queues quickly and efficiently.

  • Creating an Attention Queue is simple and fast. Simply go to Settings - Departments on the DigyBot platform to define a new queue and assign it to the appropriate team. You can organize your queues according to your needs and start managing customer requests without delay.

  • Requests are automatically assigned to the corresponding queues based on predefined rules. This ensures efficient and fast distribution of tasks between your agents or bots. Don't waste time assigning manually; DigyBot makes it quick and easy for you.

  • Yeah! With DigyBot, you can configure a BOT to initially serve customers in certain areas before handing the conversation over to an agent. This streamlines customer service and provides quick and effective responses.

  • By using DigyBot Service Queues, you optimize your customer management, ensuring that their requests are attended to by the most appropriate team quickly and efficiently. This translates into an exceptional customer service experience and faster problem resolution.

  • GPT 3.5 Turbo.

  • With the normal Bot you define the flow that your client will interact with while with the GPT Bot it will answer the most common questions of your company or the information that you provide to the Bot.

  • In the bot fields we have to give instructions to the bot such as "Respond with our information" the more information it has the better it will respond, without exceeding 5000 characters per field.

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