Communicate efficiently through WhatsApp to provide unified and instant responses to your customers.

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Automate messages from your favorite

With your current number, convert your contacts into paying customers automatically. Maximize the potential of your business and make everything work effortlessly.

Send promotions, offers and availability alerts, .

With our platform, you can set up custom campaigns, send abandonment notifications, appointment alerts, and repurchase reminders.
Plus activate order and reservation confirmations, subscription reminders, delivery updates, and much more. Together, we will take your platform to the next level, providing your users with an unmatched experience and impressive results.

Respond to all your customers' questions

Complement customer service with intelligent WhatsApp chatbots that can handle most routine queries.
Also, reduce response time and operational costs with predetermined responses and self-service flows.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp

  • What advantages does WhatsApp offer as a channel?

    WhatsApp allows you to communicate easily and quickly with your customers in real time. You can provide unified and instant responses to offer high-quality customer service. For example, you can answer customer questions like "What are your hours of operation today?" in seconds.

  • WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, with more than 2 billion users. This means you can reach new customers and reach out to your existing audience effectively. Take advantage of this large user base to accelerate your sales and generate exceptional results.

  • You can automate WhatsApp messages with DigyBot, even using your current number*. This allows you to convert contacts into paying customers automatically, maximizing the potential of your business and simplifying the entire process. For example, you can set up automatic responses for common queries like "Do you have any discounts on products?" and increase conversions.

  • To quickly respond to your customers' questions and reduce operational costs, you can use default responses and self-service flows in WhatsApp. For example, you can set up automatic responses for questions like "What is your return policy?" to provide immediate responses and save time.

  • You can complement customer service on WhatsApp with smart chatbots from DigyBot. These chatbots can handle routine queries, such as frequently asked questions or registration processes, allowing you to optimize customer service. For example, a chatbot can answer questions like "How can I reset my password?" without the need for human intervention.

  • DigyBot does not block your WhatsApp number, but at the same time you should be careful with the customer privacy policies that WhatsApp meta establishes to prevent your account from being suspended.

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